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Welcome to Europlant Group!

Innovation in Herbal Products for Pharmacies: Europlant Group is active in the field of production and distribution of herbal pharmaceuticals exclusively via pharmacies. Our activity centres around the sales markets in central and eastern Europe, in particular Russia, Poland and the Ukraine. As we have our own local production and distribution companies, we can guarantee proximity to our customers.

Since day one we have produced our herbal pharmaceuticals in our own production sites, all of which belong to our group of companies, which is run as a family company in its third generation. the nature network® stands for pleasant-tasting, effective, safe and innovative products and services covering all things relating to plants – from botanicals and their refinement into premium-quality base materials, to laboratory, consultancy and distribution services. In addition, Europlant Group offers its services in central and eastern Europe to manufacturers of herbal pharmaceuticals outside of the nature network®.