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Bound by our heritage

In its capacity as a globally active group of companies, the nature network® is essentially "at home" everywhere. We therefore become involved in social, sporting and cultural projects for the benefit of the local people and the regions in which we live and work. The main focal points of these activities are the area surrounding our headquarters in Vestenbergsgreuth and the regions in which our other branch offices and production facilities are located throughout Germany. Our cooperation with Lebenshilfe Erlangen-Höchstadt, where disabled people pack our tea, is just one example of this. We also want to help establish a home and heritage in the areas where our raw materials are grown. In our capacity as a partner for a project set up in one of India's most arid regions, for example, where "senna" farms are being built and run to offer the local people attractive jobs and create better living conditions at the same time.

social fund

For our employees we instituted a social fund of its own. The social fund will provide financial assistance to colleagues who encounter difficulties through no fault of their own. The company's worldwide employees are not the only ones to benefit from the social fund. Their partners or children also benefit from it.
The fund is based on a fundamental principle: If many people contribute just a little, they can still make big things happen. Specifically, this means: Effective immediately, the Martin Bauer Group will take the odd-cent amounts that resulted for many wage- and salary-earners after the close of the pay negotiations in summer 2011 and pay these amounts directly into the social fund. In this way, each employee makes a contribution of a few cents to the social fund. The company will then match the imposing total accumulated in this way.

Giving an insight into the world of plants

With our long-standing tradition in plant-based products, giving people an insight into the world of plants, tea and herbs is also a matter of great concern to us. Packed with information and numerous herbs, the undefinedKräuter-Garten Martin Bauer  in Vestenbergsgreuth is an example of this, with guided tours and lectures held at regular intervals. We also provided support for the implementation of a 20 kilometre longundefined herbal route  through the Aischgrund and the establishment of a historical undefinedherbal pharmacy exhibition at the Franconian Open-Air Museum. As far as we are concerned, upholding herbal traditions also means advocating monastic medicine and we therefore support the "Klostermedizin" research group at Würzburg University. The group joins forces with the Benedictine monks at Münsterschwach Abbey or the Cistercian nuns at Waldsassen Abbey to develop special monastic recipes within the framework of tea projects.

Promotion of sport and culture

The activities of the nature network® are far from limited to the world of herbs, however. We support the summer night undefined"Klassik am See"  open-air concert in Erlangen, for example. The Martin Bauer Group is the exclusive partner of the undefinedSpVgg Greuther Fürth  football club and also sponsors the undefinedTSV Vestenbergsgreuth  football club. We have been supporting both clubs for many years now and keep our fingers crossed for them every weekend during the football season!