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We advocate environmentally compatible production techniques

Oriented to the DIN EN ISO 14001 standard, the nature network® has pledged itself to far-reaching environmental management. This includes putting environmentally compatible production methods in the foreground for every new and further development of our facilities and equipment. Everything is oriented to one objective: reducing consumption of water and energy. We therefore use the process heat produced by our extraction plants to heat our office wing and production buildings. And we are able to reuse nearly all of the solvent required for the decaffeination process by recovering it and returning it to the pertinent loop.

Less waste, less noise

Our comprehensive waste and disposal concept ensures that the residual substances produced during the processes are segregated according to reusable material groups and forwarded to the recycling loop. The packaging used to transport raw materials can either be recycled or cleaned and used again several times. Apart from this, we have been able to reduce the noise level in the areas surrounding our premises considerably by means of targeted noise abatement measures. Just one of many aspects with which the nature network® provides evidence of the stringent ecological standards established and continuously further developed at the Group's facilities.