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We believe in responsible sourcing of raw materials

Sustainable sourcing of raw materials is a matter of course for us in the nature network®. We have established stringent environmental protection guidelines in our worldwide cultivation and wild collection projects and are promoting controlled, integrated cultivation to an ever-increasing extent. This means that our cultivation partners do without chemical pesticides wherever possible when growing the plants, for example, by means of manual work, regular crop rotation or leaving fields fallow so that they can recover. We also use detailed collection schedules to ensure that the areas in which wild-growing herbs are collected are only used to the extent that enables the crops to grow again without destroying any other plants.

Satisfying ourselves on site

We have firmly anchored measures such as these in our mabagrown® standard. This also requires that we provide support for our partners in terms of expedient field management, as well as ensuring compliance with clearly defined guidelines relating to harvesting, drying, storage and documentation. We verify implementation of these stipulations within the framework of regular supplier audits. Members of staff from the nature network® visit these locations several times a year to conduct these audits. We have also launched joint environmental projects with selected supply partners.


Examples of responsible sourcing of raw materials

undefinedSustainable fennel cultivation