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Our guideline: we care!

Taking on responsibility means being conscious of responsibility first of all. This is why we live according to clearly defined principles within the nature network®

  • Respect for Nature determines our actions. We will only be able to use the diversity of Nature for the benefit of mankind if we protect it and handle its resources with care. We in the nature network® are therefore intensifying the use of environmentally friendly cultivation and collection methods, which conserve the resources for generations to come. The same principle also applies in our wild-growing ingredient collection projects where we ensure that botanicals are only ever collected in renewable quantities - we care!

  • Stability is more important than growth peaks. Like the plants that we work with, the growth of our Group serves to establish strong roots. We therefore endeavour to achieve durable values rather than short-term profits. This also means that we stand for high-quality products and monitor every single step in the working process, beginning with seed selection, cultivation and harvesting, and continuing through processing to storage, in a detailed quality management system - we care!

  • People should be able to depend on the nature network®. Our Group is marked by family spirit and has shallow hierarchies. We encourage up-and-coming professionals and want every one of our employees – from trainees through to specialists and executives – to grow with us. At the same time, we make every effort to ensure that our partners can rely on long-term supply agreements – and that their employees can count on fair, secure working conditions - we care!