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The motives that determine our actions

Irrespective of business partners or personnel – we want to foster a personal, enthusiastic corporate culture, to be dependable and competent, to manage our affairs fairly and in a sustainable manner and to advocate an achievement-oriented cooperation based on partnership. These four sets of terms are characteristic of our economic activities. And they refer to attributes that we want to adopt towards every single person associated with the value-added chain of our products who we encounter in the course of our HCR projects.

Responsibility for complex processes

This is meant in the sense of thinking processes through to their logical conclusions: what must we do to offer wild collectors new perspectives – without sacrificing any of the people’s cultural traditions? How can we ensure that our raw materials will continue to grow where they are growing now in hundreds of years? In our capacity as a family-owned business, it is our duty to assume proper responsibility. And, because the products in our portfolio are complex natural products that come from all over the world, this responsibility should not be limited by any boundaries.

Fulfilling standards, setting standards

Apart from this, we also want to set standards for the production of plant-based products with our HCR activities. Standards, which not only apply to us as a company, but also give impetus to the entire sector, and that is why we attach such importance to an intensive exchange of ideas and opinions with associations, authorities and business partners. This is the way in which we establish ourselves and our ideas, enabling us to make an active contribution towards the so-called FairWild standard, for example.