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Martin Bauer supports future-oriented water project in Colachel

A water tank is being built to secure a long-term supply of clean drinking water for the people of Colachel, a fishing village on the southern tip of India. The foundation stone was laid at the end of February 2009. This relief effort for Colachel is just one of many projects that demonstrate the nature network®'s commitment to sustainable interaction with people and nature.

As far as the people living in and around the southern Indian fishing community of Colachel are concerned, the new water tank represents future, safety and a considerable improvement in the quality of life. The entire infrastructure, and with it the livelihood of the villagers, was almost entirely destroyed by the tsunami that hit the coast of the Indian Ocean in December 2004. Martin Bauer has become involved in many different relief projects along with other dedicated partners, including the Bavarian town of Höchstadt on the River Aisch and the Fränkischer Tag, a regional daily newspaper. A school was built with the help of donations as early as 2006, finally giving many children an opportunity to resume their education. Commencing at the beginning of this year, construction work on the water tank, which is expected to cost around 70,000 euros, is being carried out by Martin Bauer and the Rotary Club of Neustadt on the River Aisch. "Scheduled to go into service in September or October of this year, this tank will put an end to the risk of infection and contagion that has been ever-present since the flood disaster," Adolf Wedel, Managing Director of Martin Bauer and member of the Neustadt Rotary Club, explains. "And that will make every effort worthwhile."

Holistic approach

The Colachel relief effort is just one of example of very many projects in which the nature network® is actively involved for the benefit of the environment and the people of this world. The Group, which Martin Bauer also belongs to, always pursues a holistic approach. This means that, within the nature network®, Holistic Corporate Responsibility also includes more intensive support for controlled integrated cultivation within the framework of purchasing raw materials, for example, and a commitment to strict environmental protection directives. At the same time, the network assumes responsibility for both employees and business partners, and is involved in various social projects at regional and national level.