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15 years cooperating with Lebenshilfe

Martin Bauer Group has been working closely together with Lebenshilfe Erlangen-Höchstadt in Herzogenaurach for 15 years now. Herbal Tea and Fruit Tea are packed precisely and professionally by the disabled personnel at the Aurach-Werkstatt. This cooperative venture is just one of many projects that underline the nature network®'s commitment to a sustainable interaction between man and nature.

The tea department is the "blockbuster" for the handicapped people who work at the Aurach-Werkstatt. The 15 members of staff in the "tea group" pack between 180,000 and 350,000 bags of tea in the Aurach-Werkstatt in Herzogenaurach every year, and have been doing so for the last 15 years. "The professional partnership with Lebenshilfe Erlangen-Höchstadt has become an important success factor for the Greuther Teeladen“, Armin Döller, manager of the Greuther Teeladen explains. "This because our demand for the reclosable 100 gram packs of tea has always continued to grow.“

Precise and highly motivated

That is where the 15 multiply handicapped members of staff from Herzogenaurach come in: motivated and professional, they pack around 50 different varieties of Fruit and Herbal Tea. The tea is weighed into 100 gram portions and poured into bags before the bags are closed with a clip and sealed with the help of two machines. The employees also attach the labels to the bags beforehand. "The disabled personnel perform all of these actions with utmost precision,“ Armin Döller reports. "The management of the Aurach-Werkstatt is also highly motivated and makes every effort to look after and support its personnel.“

Apart from this, a number of different quality awards attest to the fact that Martin Bauer Group can completely rely on the work of the Herzogenaurach team. The Aurach-Werkstatt has been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, for example. And the HACCP concept that defines the safety standards to be observed when handling food has been implemented in an exemplary manner. "We are pleased that we have been able to find an ideal combination of business interests and social responsibility,“ says Adolf Wedel. "And we particularly appreciate the genial relationship that has been established between Martin Bauer Group and the Aurach-Werkstatt over the last 15 years.“

Commitment as a way of life

The cooperation with Lebenshilfe Erlangen-Höchstadt is just one of very many projects with which the nature network® becomes actively involved for the benefit of the environment and the people of this world. In doing so, the Group always pursues a holistic approach. This means that, within the nature network®, Holistic Corporate Responsibility also includes more intensive support for controlled integrated cultivation within the framework of purchasing raw materials, for example, and a commitment to strict environmental protection directives. At the same time, the network assumes responsibility for its employees and business partners, and is involved in various social projects at regional and national level.