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We believe in fair working conditions

We attach great importance to ensuring the establishment of fair relationships between all parties in our growing regions and wild collection projects all over the world. As far as we are concerned, that means signing long-term agreements with our business partners. This has one unequivocal advantage for both parties, and that is planning security. Our cultivation partners know that they can rely on us to the same extent that we can rely on them to guarantee a consistent supply of our products to our customers. We also make sure that the local working conditions are satisfactory. People must receive fair payment, work in the safest possible environment and be able to take a sufficient number of breaks. Child labour is something that is completely taboo within the nature network®. We conduct audits at our suppliers' premises at regular intervals to ensure compliance with these standards, which unfortunately are by no means normal practice in many regions of the world.

A place to work – and a place to live

We even go one step further: we help our local partners to improve the living conditions of the workers and their families in some of our growing regions. This means that we help to build wells, sanitary facilities or even schools and kindergartens in the village communities.


Projects with which we have helped to establish better working conditions

undefinedHerb cultivation project creates new jobs in Bulgari