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We encourage a positive, amenable working atmosphere

We attach particular importance to the health, safety and satisfaction of our staff at all of our facilities, where the open, familiar working atmosphere is characterised by relationships based on mutual trust and cooperation between colleagues and shallow hierarchies. It also includes flexible working hours, part-time work (for older employees) and measures to reconcile career and family.

Growing together, sharing experiences

In addition to this, we actively promote the further development of every single employee. To this end, we not only offer numerous continuation training seminars, but also provide goal-oriented training for young people. This means, for example, that around 40 apprentices, dual-course students and trainees worldwide begin their careers in the nature network® every year, and we offer every trainee a takeover agreement as a rule. There is something else that we consider very important: we want to give our employees opportunities to exchange opinions and share experiences with their colleagues away from the normal day-to-day routine. The annual staff outings are particularly popular in this respect, as well as the summer party and a diverse range of sporting activities – ranging from what has now become the traditional Angling Championships through hiking tours in the mountains to motorbike training courses for the motorcyclists among our staff.


Projects that reflect the amenable working atmosphere at our facilities

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