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A Group of Companies with a History

1993: Martin Bauer takes a stake in a company, which was founded in the Czech Republic in 1990. This is initially a 50 percent stake, and then a 100 percent takeover. Today, this company exclusively packages medicinal teas for the pharmacy market in central and eastern Europe.

1994: With 80 percent of Herbapol staff voting for the company Martin Bauer as their preferred investor, this Polish company, based in Klęka, becomes part of our group of companies. Herbapol had been manufacturing phytopharmaceutical products since 1948. To put an end to name conflicts with other Herbapol businesses, the company is renamed Phytopharm Klęka in 1994.

1994: Russian company Krasnogorskleksredstva joins the group of companies. Founded in 1938, the Russian company quickly became one of the best-known brands for medicinal tea in pharmacies in the Soviet Union. Today, Krasnogorskleksredstva is the market leader for medicinal teas in Russia.

1997: The pooling of the brands Krasnogorskleksredstva and Phytopharm in the central and eastern European pharmaceuticals market leads to the founding of today’s Europlant Group. This group of companies produces herbal pharmaceuticals exclusively for central and eastern Europe. Furthermore, Europlant Group operates a distribution network for the sale of phytopharmaceuticals in central and eastern Europe directly via pharmacies.

2010: The brands Krasnogorskleksredstva and Phytopharm in the pharmaceuticals market in central and eastern Europe are pooled together in terms of communications under the brand Europlant Group.

2011: The company PrAT Liktravy in the Ukraine joins the group of companies. Founded in 1928, the company, steeped in tradition, is located in Zhytomyr, approx. 120 km away from the ukranian capital, Kiev. The company produces more than 100 different medicinal teas and is market leader in the ukranian pharmacy market.

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